Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning – How can I achieve it!

Many homes and businesses are now aware that considering the environment during your cleaning process is something that can be easily achieved. However, for people to understand and be aware that green cleaning is more than simply switching to the use of green cleaning products is less common.
Recycle Building

Green cleaning uses a holistic approach to the cleaning and maintenance of a home or office or school. It includes having the right equipment and products, commitment, a plan that focuses on high  traffic areas and education that inturn impacts attitudes and behaviours towards green cleaning.

Without the education of why green cleaning is necessary and the knowledge of the impact it can have on various factors, domestically and commercially, then the idea of green cleaning is at risk of merely becoming just another “fad”.

The following are key factors that businesses and homes should know to understand the full impact of what a green cleaning process could mean for them.

Cleaning efficiency

Traditional cleaning methods that use large amounts of water, as well as manual scrubbing and detergents are not sufficient for many cleaning applications. The reason being is that most of these methods either transfer the dirt or bacteria from one surface to another or cause a greater build up of dirt and grime rather than removal due to creating a sticky substance i.e. excess detergent.

Using sustainable cleaning products, such as microfibre cloths, or sustainable cleaning methods such as high temperature steam can greatly improve cleaning results. Compared to other methods, steam is renowned for being a top and sustainable cleaning method, particularly for industries where infection control is paramount. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning processes use water heated to just below boiling point.

According to the International Commission on the Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF) – HACCP in Microbiological Safety and Quality (1988) a comparison was made of the more commonly used disinfectants which included steam, chlorine, iodophors, quats and acid anionic surfactants. Steam resulted in the best disinfectant compared to other common methods. The results concluded that steam ranked number one compared to other disinfectants, and was the most effective disinfectant against common bacteria such as:

Clostridia, Staphylococcus etc

E. coli, Salmonella etc.


Does it save me money?
Particularly for commercial facilities, the financial savings of green cleaning practices can save significant amounts of money. When green products and processes are implemented, costs decrease due to the reduction in chemical consumption and the number of cleaning chemicals needed, as well as green cleaning processes such as placing door mats in high traffic areas limiting the resources needed to clean an area.

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Legally, some businesses, such as schools, have an obligation to only procure and use environmentally sensitive cleaning and maintenance products. The accommodation sector also prioritises sustainable processes, for example, asking guests to place used and clean towels/sheets in separate areas so water and energy is saved from not having to re-clean already clean bedding or towels.

Remember that the mantra is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our green cleaning reduces the amount of detergents and other cleaning chemicals used thereby helping the environment. Our bonnets are washed and re-used all the time.

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