Do you reuse the water?

Dirty Water from Carpet CleaningThis is a question that we honestly never thought would come up, but apparently it has. A recent study to understand what the most common consumer questions regarding carpet cleaning.  Guess what number three was? That’s right! The third most common question was “do carpet cleaners reuse the water.” This is interesting to us because we have always found that our morning appointments are the most popular on our schedule.  It is reasonable to assume that at least some of our customers must have thought this was the case.

We would like to assure our customers and public as a whole that we do not re-use our water after cleaning a carpet.  To the best of our knowledge no one does.  Every time we clean a carpet we fill up a waste tank on our machine.  After one or two jobs we then dump that water into a drain.  I guess this is just one of those things were after cleaning carpets day in and day out for years that anyone would ever assume it works this way.

We hope that we were able to answer some questions our customers may have been having for years today, and would encourage anyone with a question to email us or call our office and let us know.

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