How long will my carpets take to dry after they are cleaned?

This is probably the most common question we get asked over the phone or at the job.  It is a question that is best answered while looking at the carpets as dry times can vary based on the style of carpet and the level of soiling; however we thought it would be nice to come up with some basic guidelines for our customers.

Drying Times

Dry times can vary based on weather conditions indoor environmental conditions and the composition of the carpet itself.  A thin polyester carpet is going to dry faster on a hot summer day than a thick nylon cut pile will on a cold rainy winter day.   Our fastest summer dry times are under 1 hours.  Many times when conditions allow the carpets will be dry at the back of the house when we finish the front of the house.  In the winter we are really dependent on the heating of the home we are cleaning.  If we are able to leave the heat on and keep the indoor air in the 65 degree range we should get near summer dry times.  If the heat cannot be left on however it can take longer – up to 2-4 hours, maybe longer if the carpet is dense.

There are a couple of steps that we take as a company to speed up our dry times year round.  We have come up with optimized cleaning solutions and use a proper forced injection sprayer to apply them.  This allows us to not over wet the carpet and yet still get a very good coverage with our cleaning solutions.  We also use the hottest water the industry has to offer.  We clean with water that is consistently above 240 degrees even on the coldest winter day.  This obviously provides a benefit in that hot water evaporates quicker than cold water does.  A final measure that we have taken to ensure speedy dry times is to use the biggest machines available.  This allows us to vacuum up more water than would normally be recovered (the more water recovered during cleaning the faster the dry times).

Cleaning Stairs

    This vacuum is measured in CFM and all of our machines produce in excess of 500cfm (this is about 2x the amount of air that can pass through a carpet cleaning wand).  We allow this overhead for situations where we use more hose to get into the home.  No one wants soggy carpets just because a van cannot be pulled up close to their home.

A quick recap on what a customer can expect regarding dry times.

  • In optimum summer conditions, most carpets will be dry within 1 hours of us finishing the job.
  • In winter conditions it can take as long as 2-4 hours maybe longer if no heat is available in the building.
  • Some carpets (super thick plush) can take substantially longer to dry than others.

We tell most of our customers to expect up to 1-2 hour dry times, but this is definitely almost double the actual time that it takes, we just don’t want anyone to feel taken advantage of if their particular carpet takes longer.  It is our company policy to under promise and over deliver at every opportunity

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