How to properly clean a tiled floor….

Dirty TilesWe have been running into a problem lately involving the build-up on the surface of ceramic tile floors. This build-up is the product of household cleaning solutions being applied but not removed.  Over time this cleaning solution becomes a magnet for dirt and grime and will ultimately have a very undesirable effect on the floor.  This seems to be more of an issue as time goes on and the strength of the cleaning solutions used by homeowners increases.  The cause of this issue (we believe) is the use of a concentrated cleaning solution without diluting it.  Because shipping costs are on the rise the manufacturers of many household cleaning products are beginning to ship them in stronger and stronger dilutions to save on weight and shipping.  That is fine, but it seems that they are not labelling the proper dilution of the product on the bottle.  We would encourage all of our customers to carefully follow the dilution instructions on the bottle and possibly even dilute it a little bit further.  This will serve to give you just as effective of a solution, however it will be slightly easier to rinse off and will therefore leave your floor looking better in the long run.  We should always remember when cleaning hard floor surfaces such as ceramic tile and grout, or natural stone floors that it is absolutely necessary to remove the cleaner with water when the job is complete.  This means diluting the product to its recommended strength.  Carefully mopping the floor and then after that cleaning is complete, mopping one more time with just plain water.  This will serve to dilute any of the residual cleaner that has been left behind on the floor.   This method of cleaning will leave you with a beautiful floor over the long run, and that is after all what we are all after.

A final tip that can make all the difference in the long term life of your floor is to actually go over the finished product with a towel to completely remove any of the residues that are left behind. If you would like more information on our tile and grout cleaning service business please feel free to visit our website for more information.

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