The Importance of Quick Drying

In this blog-post we discuss the importance of thorough drying in everyday carpet and upholstery cleaning which is often neglected or not treated with the attention it deserves.  

 Drying; possibly the most important part of wet cleaning and restoration.

Water is an essential part of our lives but it can, and frequently does, cause real problems.  Flooding can have horrendous consequences and, at the other extreme, minor spills need to be treated properly to avoid lasting damage.  In the Carpet and Upholstery cleaning industry we use water and chemical solutions and often underestimate the importance of drying thoroughly after application.Turbo Drier

When training pre-vacuuming and drying are always emphasised but, often, neither are given the priority that they deserve.  Drying after spot removal by extra blotting, using a hair dryer or a professional dryer to speed the process will avoid wicking stains and colour loss resulting from extended drying times.  When the weather is very damp and cold we would do an extra pass to avoid rapid re-soiling, possible shrinkage, furniture stains and customer frustration when rooms are unusable for extended periods of time.  For extraction cleaning using the best detergent can assist drying as fewer passes are needed to achieve the best results.  Fast Drying Upholstery Shampoo assists the drying by using clever water soluble solvents to speed up the job.

Effective drying requires the balancing of Air Movement, Relative Humidity and Temperature so the use of a Thermo-hygrometer can help to ensure the most efficient drying.  This low cost device measures and displays temperature and humidity levels to inform the user of the conditions and the stage of the drying progress achieved.

Flooding can range from a spilt glass of water, a washing machine overflow or a torrential river or sewage backflow and we will probably all come in contact with flooding of some kind.  In extreme cases whole buildings can be washed away but, more usually, the most severe issues that arise are mould, bacteria and, for small spills, browning from the carpet backings.  Browning is easily dealt with and mould and bacteria issues are treated with an approved Antimicrobial.  We first spary to protect ourselves and the client and then remove the water, clean and treat again. Simple really, but needs dedication and attention to detail to be effective. Cutting corners is no good against bacteria and viruses.

So to sum up the question of drying – we just keep the air moving, use good products and techniques and use the best equipment we can afford to provide cleaning and drying.

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