The Truth about “Dry Carpet Cleaning”

Dry carpet cleaning systems are more accurately known as ‘very low moisture’ (VLM) systems. They rely on dry compounds complemented by applicable cleaning solutions – you can experience true deep cleaning that is dry, clean and ready to use in minutes.

Dry carpet cleaning is growing significantly in market share – the points below may explain why.

Immediate Use
One of the main benefits of dry carpet cleaning is the very rapid drying time – a significant factor for 24-hour commercial installations.Floor Buffer

  • Dry carpet cleaning leaves carpets dry, clean and with 1-2 hour drying time – The carpets are ready to use immediately. Traditional wet carpet cleaning requires an average of 24 hours to dry – making the section of the building being cleaned unusable.
  • There is no need to empty the room of heavy furniture – taking away a lot of labour-intensive work, or leave windows open and bring in fans.
  • Cleaning can take place during normal working and trading hours, creating a more efficient and flexible approach to cleaning schedules.
  • NO Water Marks or Sticky Residue
  • Wet cleaning not only wastes a lot of water but you are also putting any other furniture at risk of water damage.
  • Because no water or liquid detergents are used there is no risk of any watermarks or sticky residue.
  • NO Shrinkage or Seam Splitting – Shrinkage and seam splitting is another risk with wetting your carpet – the risk of shrinkage and seam splitting is avoided using a dry cleaning procedure.
  • NO Mildew or Mould – With moisture comes mould and mildew – after wet cleaning, if your carpets are improperly dried, you are risking damaging your carpet with mould and mildew. This can then become a health risk – read our post on the Dangers of Mould to find out how it can affect your health.
  • Suitable for all Types of Carpet – Most dry carpet cleaning is suitable for use on all types of carpeting. Our dry carpet system is suitable for all types including natural and manmade fibres like wool and sisal.

How it Works

  • Pre-treatments are sprayed onto the carpet prior to use of the dry cleaning system. These detergents break down the binding of soils to carpet fibres.
  • Next our fast drying encapsulation solution is applied
  • Using a low speed buffer and highly absorbent pads we clean and dry the carpet.

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