5 Reasons to hire a Tile and Grout cleaning company….

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With the vast amount of knowledge right at our fingertips, the “do-it-yourself” projects have become easier than ever. It seems like we can take on just about any project with the right amount of patience and determination. However, there are areas and surfaces in your home that should be maintained by professionals- like ceramic tile, stone, and grout.

Tile, stone and grout always adds beautiful texture and life to your home, but they also add a more thorough cleaning routine to your list of things to-do. Because these surfaces are more susceptible to spills, disease-causing bacteria, and soiling tile, stone and grout can appear dirty and can become the breeding grounds for dangerous allergens and bacteria. Knowing a good professional tile cleaning company can come in handy in restoring and rejuvenating the surfaces in your home.

Here are five reasons why it’s in your best interests to have professionals take care of your tile, stone, and grout cleaning.

Professionals Have the Equipment to Remove Deep Dirt – No matter how hard you scrub, the dirt that has gathered deep in the pores of your tile and grout cannot be removed using a toothbrush and common cleaning solutions. Over time as dirt and spills seep into your flooring, the appearance of your flooring is discoloured and dull.

Professionals have techniques and equipment created specifically to lift stains that scrubbing and mopping can’t. Experts can even remove sticky residues left behind from cleaning formulas!

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Protective Sealant for Your Tile & Grout – Porous grout surfaces are particularly susceptible to liquid spills. This means the sticky sugars of juice and other liquids seep deep into the groves of your grout and tile making it extremely hard to clean. Upon wiping it up, it may look clean but simple surface cleaning can’t quite reach the remaining liquid. Over time this can cause harmful bacteria to grow.

That’s where grout sealant comes into play. When tile, stone, and grout are first installed a sealant is applied to protect from spills. However, with time, that sealant will wear from normal traffic across the flooring. Because sealant wears over time it needs to be reapplied by professionals.

As part of a professional tile, stone, and grout cleaning service, experts will reseal the grout for you. This will help keep out germs and prolong the life of your surfaces.

Save Your Knees, Your Back, and Your Time
Tile, stone, and grout are extremely difficult to clean with normal cleaning supplies and the texture can be very rough and course. Even the most elbow grease can’t provide professional quality results. Cement-based grout is extremely porous-meaning it collects dirt, bacteria, and allergens like a sponge. All the scrubbing in the world won’t remove germs that seep deep into your grout and put your family and pets at risk. Save yourself the knee and back pain and have the experts clean your tile, stone, and grout for you.

Cleaning Tile the Cost-Effective Way
Professional tile, stone, and grout cleaners use powerful equipment unavailable to the general public. Letting them put this powerful equipment to use in your home saves you time and money. Experts will also provide recommendations for how to care for your surfaces so you can significantly extend their lifespan.

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