Questions about Mattress Cleaning….

Mattress Cleaning Service

We get asked regularly enough if we can clean a mattress. The good news is that we can.

Why should I clean my mattress? Our mattress cleaning is proven to help sleep and relieve allergies through the removal of dust mites, bacteria, viruses and spores by removing impurities in the mattress such as dead skin, dried sweat, dried bodily fluids, and mould’s. Mattress cleaning has made a difference to the lives of millions of allergy sufferers Worldwide .

What is the health benefits of having my matress cleaned? ImageWith 470,000 Asthma sufferers in Ireland and 1 in 10 people suffering from Hay-Fever ensuring a clean mattress is maintained is vital to our general wellbeing. Due to the many forms of bacteria and viruses that can accumulate within mattresses general health issues such as asthma, hay fever and allergies may arise. Mattress cleaning is more important than ever.

How do West Cork Cleaning clean a mattress?

Our mattress cleaning service provides a full sanitising treatment killing bacteria, viruses and spores with our unique cleaning solution. This solution is non-toxic.

How long will it be before I can use my mattress?I will endeavour to have your mattress ready to use within 68 hours of cleaning. If there is going to be an issue I will identify it before we start work during pre-inspection.

How often should I have my mattress professionally cleaned?A good thorough mattress cleaning will remove more than 99% of the dust, dust mites and odours from your mattress. We recommend cleaning your mattress annually.

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